About Me

Natural hair is so special to me b/c it’s grand and unique, it can’t be duplicated.  It’s so special that throughout history, it’s been misunderstood, feared, oppressed, and even banned.  So, it’s our responsibility to protect it. We do this by learning everything there is to know about it, taking good care of it, and wearing it with pride. I created GreenBeauty in 2012 as natural hair resource. A reliable place to go for researched and easy to understand information ... like an encyclopedia for natural hair. 

I studied Finance and worked in an Investment Bank for a while. It wasn’t until I went to Graduate School for Applied Statistics that I found something I actually like and was good at. Research allows me to escape and dive into my imagination; it’s my happy place. The more I learn, the more I want to know. I applied my ‘talents’ and training into a subject that I care about, and ‘poof’ GreenBeauty was born. I love that I can create content and products that help and add something positive to people’s lives.


With a love of research, you can master anything 


Green Beauty